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SAM is a Scalable, Surplus Asset Management and Disposition Program that Provides Structure and Creates Recurring Capital

Identify Value Repurpose = Scalability

Get To Know Your Surplus

SAM is a systematic management tool that tracks and monitors your surplus assets from identification to disposition. It is a secure solution that centralizes surplus for better visibility and accountability throughout the entire process.

Eliminate Storage Fees, Clear Valuable Operating Space, Turn Surplus into Recurring Capital

Track and Manage Your Surplus Capital Assets with SAM


SAM provides value

SAM will set your expectations by providing secondary market opinions of value; allowing you to make informed decisions about when to monetize or transfer an asset.

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Sell Better!
Monthly Consignment Auctions

Surplus assets from SAM are separated based on type and sold in either Techfootin or ProIndustrial.

Spirited Competitive Bidding That Drives Higher Returns.

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Monetize Your Surplus Capital Assets with Techfootin and ProIndustrial


A Highly Scalable Solution

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Scale and Create Recurring Revenue