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Sell faster and more efficiently with Techfootin and ProIndustrial.

Benefits Marketing Assets & Industries

Monthly Consignment Auctions

  • Monthly Consignment Auctions provide a continual sales channel
  • Assets are consigned from a variety of companies, big and small
  • Ability to sell assets from dozens of industries in the same events
  • Advanced search, notifications and watch options to ensure buyers can easily find what they are looking to purchase
  • Financial reports are directly entered into SAM for quick visibility and accountability
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We connect your assets to the purchase-intent audience

Our in-house marketing team works directly with the project managers to create high interest in each sale and ensure that the competitive bidding environment is set. We use a dynamic marketing approach for each auction by checking ad metrics on a daily basis and can quickly adjust marketing strategies if needed. We connect your assets to our established database of active buyers and purchase-intent subscribers from various industries who are waiting for the next Techfootin and ProIndustrial auctions.

Techfootin Dynamic Marketing

Assets sold represent dozens of different industries and hundreds of asset classes.

Assets include Aerospace, Assembly Equipment, Automotive, Biotech, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Inventories, Electronic Test & Measurement, FF&E, Fabrication Equipment, Facility Support, Food Processing Equipment, Information Technology, Inventories, Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Media, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, Semiconductor, SMT, Solar, Telecom, Utilities, and Vehicles.

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