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After spending 15 years in the equipment valuation, management, and disposition business, in 2010 John Carroll founded Silicon Valley Disposition (SVD). The company was founded with a strategic focus on providing increased transaction (efficiency and more) and accountability in the repurposing of surplus assets on the secondary market, SVD is truly unique in this expertise. Ranging from the disposition of an entire plant to monetizing routine surplus assets, the company incorporates transparent, cost-efficient solutions (SAM) that are always geared towards meeting our client’s requirements and staying true with our green initiative for a better global tomorrow.

With great fortitude, the company possesses decades of experience consulting and guiding all types of companies through the surplus asset management and disposition process. We have implemented our proprietary surplus asset management and disposition platform (SAM) into some of the largest companies in the world. Using SAM, we have been involved with and successfully conducted thousands of disposition sale projects all over the world. Our asset knowledge spans into dozens of industries and hundreds of asset classes, including all types of Industrial Manufacturing, Technology Manufacturing Facilities, Research & Development, Processing Plants, Oil & Gas, to name a few.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and include bankruptcy courts, financial advisory firms, banks, and venture capitalists, among others. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of managing and repurposing surplus assets with our proprietary platform, SAM.

SVD is disciplined in branding, the importance of targeting specific demographics and utilizing special events to sell various assets. SVD strategically pairs unique assets with specific audiences that when packaged appropriately, generates the call-to-action. Our passion is to serve our clients with integrity, and ultimately, deliver the most innovative solutions to better manage and repurpose surplus assets.

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Industries of Focus

Aerospace industry Aerospace
Battery Manufacturing industry Battery Manufacturing
Biotechnology Biotechnology
Chemical Processing industry Chemical Processing
Construction industry Construction
Electronic Components industry Electronic Components
Electronic Test and Measurement industry Electronic Test & Measurement
Facility Support industry Facility Support
General Research and Development industry General Research and Development
Industrial Manufacturing industry Industrial Manufacturing
Information Technology industry Information Technology
Media Production industry Media Production (TV and Film)
Medical Equipment industry Medical Equipment
Oil and Gas industry Oil & Gas
Optical Test and Photonics industry Optical Test and Photonics
Pharmaceutical Processing industry Pharmaceutical Processing
Printed Circuit Board industry Printed Circuit Board
Semiconductor Fabrication industry Semiconductor Fabrication
Solar Manufacturing industry Solar Manufacturing
Surface Mount Technology industry Surface Mount Technology
Telecommunications industry Telecommunications
Utilities industry Utilities
Vehicles industry Vehicles
Woodworking industry Woodworking