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Upcoming Auctions

Auction Opens June 22 – 24, 2021

Clean Wave Technologies

San José, CA

Featuring Marking Systems, Balancing Systems, Battery Testers, Power Supplies, Facility Support, and much more
One Lot For Everything & Piecemeal Offering

Auction Opens June 22 – 24, 2021

Global Automotive Company #5

South Bay (Bay Area), CA

400+ Monitors, 20+ TVs, Full Server Room, IT Peripherals, Vehicles, Yale Electric Forklift, and much more

Auction Opens June 22 – 24, 2021

Loon Warehouse Assets #3

Milpitas, CA

Electronic Test & Measurement, Temperature Chambers, Ground Stations, Facility and Support, Over 2,000 Sunpower 165 watt flexible 7x7 HEM solar panels, and Unsold Assets From The Other Loon Events

Auction Opens July 06 – 08, 2021

Global Automotive Company #6

South Bay (Bay Area), CA

400+ Monitors, 20+ TVs, Full Server Room, IT Peripherals, Vehicles, Yale Electric Forklift, and much more

Auction Opens July 13 – 15, 2021

Techfootin #80

Burlingame, CA
Assets from a variety of companies and different industries. Featured Consignors:

techfootin consignor 1 techfootin consignor 2
Negotiated Sale - Buy Now

Global Technology Company - Surplus Assets

Cupertino, CA

(4) 2017 CoxGomyl Hydraulic Boom Lifts. Type F-12-3-019, 500 LB Capacity

Negotiated Sale - Buy Now

Historic Working Paper Mill

Lufkin, TX

Historic working paper mill available from Lufkin, Texas

Surplus Asset Management

Don't lose sight of your surplus — get the power of SAM

of Focus

Industry experts by experience spanning over 20 years

Aerospace industry Aerospace
Battery Manufacturing industry Battery Manufacturing
Biotechnology Biotechnology
Chemical Processing industry Chemical Processing
Construction industry Construction
Electronic Components industry Electronic Components
Electronic Test and Measurement industry Electronic Test & Measurement
Facility Support industry Facility Support
General Research and Development industry General Research and Development
Industrial Manufacturing industry Industrial Manufacturing
Information Technology industry Information Technology
Media Production industry Media Production (TV and Film)
Medical Equipment industry Medical Equipment
Oil and Gas industry Oil & Gas
Optical Test and Photonics industry Optical Test and Photonics
Pharmaceutical Processing industry Pharmaceutical Processing
Printed Circuit Board industry Printed Circuit Board
Semiconductor Fabrication industry Semiconductor Fabrication
Solar Manufacturing industry Solar Manufacturing
Surface Mount Technology industry Surface Mount Technology
Telecommunications industry Telecommunications
Utilities industry Utilities
Vehicles industry Vehicles
Woodworking industry Woodworking

About SVD

Silicon Valley Disposition (SVD) is a full-service surplus asset management and remarketing company. The breadth of our capabilities and platforms ranges from a single asset to entire plants or facilities, and everything in between. Our Capital Asset Management Program and Marketplace cater to the largest companies in the world. Our diverse and innovative marketing strategies allow us to penetrate and maximize the return on the secondary market for every type of asset we sell.

We help companies monetize assets including Assembly Equipment, FF&E, Fabrication Equipment, Facility Support, Information Technology, Inventories, Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Processing Equipment, Research & Development, Utilities, and Vehicles.

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