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Upcoming Auctions

Auction Opens Jul 22 - 24, 2024

Surplus Assets to the Ongoing Operations of Bio-Rad

Richmond, CA

Featuring Bio-Rad Lab Equipment, Bellatrx SCS Secure Chuck Capper Packing System, Nordson EFD Ultimus I Dispensers, Gnubio Vacuum Reflow Furnaces, OGP Zip Smart Scope, and much more!

Auction Opens Jul 23 - 25, 2024

Disruption Labs

Austin, TX

Featuring High-End Research and Development Instruments: Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC Systems, Thermo Scientific ICP-MS iCap RQ, TSQ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System, Thermo Scientific GC-MS/MS/FID Autosampler, and much more!

Auction Opens Jul 23 - 25, 2024

Surplus Assets to the Ongoing Operations of Momentus Space

San Jose, CA

Featuring Coxem Scanning Electron Microscope, Agilent Digital Power Meters, Electronic Test and Measuring Equipment and Much More!

Auction Opens Aug 06 - 08, 2024

SCiFi Foods

San Leandro, CA

Featuring Extremely High-End and Late-Model (Mostly 2022) Research and Development Instruments: Sartorius Bioreactors and Pilot Plant, Biotek Cytation Hybrid Microplate Reader, Nova Biomedical BioProfile Flex2 with Osmometer OSM20 Cell Culture Analyzer, Cellaca MX Cell Counter, Bio-Rad CFX96 Thermal Cyclers, Branson 250 Sonifier, Elga Water Purification Systems, Compressors, and much more!

Auction Opens Aug 13 - 15, 2024

Nxu Energy

Mesa, AZ

ONE-OF-A-KIND SALE! Haas CNC Machine Tools (2023) Slightly Used; Coherent NA 000-ATLAS WORKSTATION - UW1200 with ARM and HIGHmotion2D (approximately $640K in acquisition cost), Maxphotonics Laser Source with G5 Connector and Raytools BM114E Cutting Head and FSCUT EtherCat Controller (Paid $315K); 2023 Battery Testers; Facility Support; FF&E

Auction Opens Aug 13 - 15, 2024

READY Robotics

Columbus, OH

TREMENDOUS OFFERING! Featuring Robots from Universal Robots, Staubli, Yaskawa, Omron, Fanuc, and Epson; Haas CNC Machine Tools; Mechanical Machine Tools; Welders; Material Handling; Facility Support and FF&E

Auction Opens Aug 20 - 22, 2024

AGC Biologics

Bothell, WA

Featuring Thermo Scientific UHPLC Detectors, Sartorius Testers, Biotek Plate Washers, Optek Flow Meters, and much more!


TuSimple #9

San Diego, CA

Featuring (500+) Laptops, (80) Apple iPad Minis, and much more!

Strategic Asset Management

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Industry experts by experience spanning over 20 years

Aerospace industry Aerospace
Battery Manufacturing industry Battery Manufacturing
Biotechnology Biotechnology
Chemical Processing industry Chemical Processing
Construction industry Construction
Electronic Components industry Electronic Components
Electronic Test and Measurement industry Electronic Test & Measurement
Facility Support industry Facility Support
General Research and Development industry General Research and Development
Industrial Manufacturing industry Industrial Manufacturing
Information Technology industry Information Technology
Media Production industry Media Production (TV and Film)
Medical Equipment industry Medical Equipment
Oil and Gas industry Oil & Gas
Optical Test and Photonics industry Optical Test and Photonics
Pharmaceutical Processing industry Pharmaceutical Processing
Printed Circuit Board industry Printed Circuit Board
Semiconductor Fabrication industry Semiconductor Fabrication
Solar Manufacturing industry Solar Manufacturing
Surface Mount Technology industry Surface Mount Technology
Telecommunications industry Telecommunications
Utilities industry Utilities
Vehicles industry Vehicles
Woodworking industry Woodworking
About SVD

Providing innovative asset management solutions which maximize asset value while facilitating sustainable repurposing options and supporting a healthier, greener asset life cycle.

Silicon Valley Disposition (SVD) is a full-service strategic asset management and repurposing company. The breadth of our capabilities and platforms ranges from in-use assets, general surplus, to entire plant or facilities closures, and everything in between. Our Asset Management Platform caters to some of the largest companies in the world. Our diverse and innovative marketing strategies allow us to penetrate and maximize the return on the secondary market for every type of asset we sell.

We help companies monetize assets including Assembly Equipment, Construction Equipment, FF&E, Fabrication Equipment, Facility Support, Information Technology, Inventories, Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Processing Equipment, Research & Development, Utilities, and Vehicles.

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