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SVD has decades of experience guiding Companies, Workout Groups, Lending Institutions, Banks, and VC’s on how to properly monetize capital assets on the secondary market. We have conducted thousands of auctions for both complete plant/facility closures and surplus assets to the ongoing operations of large companies. We have successfully implemented capital asset management and disposition solutions into some of the largest companies in the world.

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Trusted Advisors

At SVD, our interests are always aligned with our clients. Every project has different requirements and expectations. We take the time to fully understand the requirements and provide disposition proposals that ensure we will meet and execute on what is expected. We consider our clients to be our partners and we guide them accordingly. We treat all aspects of any disposition process as if we own the assets.

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Visibility & Accountability

Our management tool SAM (Surplus Asset Management) provides our clients with asset tracking, complete control, and visibility both prior to their sale and financial reporting directly after.

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Equipment Knowledge & Know-How

Our experience spans dozens of industries and equipment classes. We have successfully sold hundreds of manufacturing plants which generated over a half billion dollars in revenue for our clients. Our core strength is in considering all complexities and challenges on each project, before we start. We understand the importance of meeting timelines and plan accordingly in order to exceed our client's expectations. Our Project Managers and Spec Writers are detail oriented, experienced professionals; they work with and oversee all aspects of our projects, from the start of each engagement until the final asset is removed. They also oversee and help manage all vendors including Hazmat, Electrical, Rigging and Cleaning.

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Dynamic Marketing

Our in-house marketing team has developed an array of effective go-to marketing strategies that build high interest for each of our client's sales. Regardless of the industry or equipment class, we'll connect your assets to the purchase-intent audience and ensure that a competitive bidding environment is set. Our marketing team understands the objectives of our clients and works directly with the project managers to create the most effective marketing materials for every sale.

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Flexible Compensation

As your partner, our priority is to always maximize your return on the secondary market for the assets we are selling. History has proven that this is done best by selecting a company that works on a commission basis, one that shares the common interest of working as hard as they can to recoup the highest returns—because collectively, we win together. We also understand that certain instances may require an outright purchase for the assets and/or facility—and we are readily available to accommodate that as well.

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Logistics & Warehousing

Full Service Support for Packaging, Rigging & Warehousing

  • Aether

    Complete Facility Closure
    Wireless Hifi Speakers

    San Francisco, CA

    SVD Aether Disposition Project
  • Aeroflex

    Surplus Assets
    Machine Tools & ETM

    Lenaxa, KS

    SVD Aeroflex Disposition Project
  • Advanced Energy

    Surplus Assets
    Power Generation Equipment

    Bend, Oregon

    SVD Advanced Energy Disposition Project
  • Aldea Pharmaceuticals

    Complete Facility Closure
    Developed Small-molecule Modulators of the ALDH

    Redwood City, CA

    SVD Aldea Pharmaceuticals Disposition Project
  • Anki

    Complete Facility Closure
    Research and Development, Information Technology

    San Francisco, CA

    SVD Anki Disposition Project
  • Aoptix

    Complete Facility Closure
    2 Buildings (60,000 Square Feet)
    Free-Space Optics
    ETM, Optical Test and R&D

    Campbell, CA

    SVD Aoptix Disposition Project
  • Amonix

    Complete Plant Closure
    100,000 Square Foot Facility
    Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems

    Las Vegas, NV

    SVD Amonix Disposition Project
  • Arzon Solar

    Surplus Assets
    Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly
    Surface Mount Technology

    Penang, Malaysia

    SVD Arzon Solar Disposition Project
  • Avogy

    Complete Plant Closure
    50,000 Square Foot Facility
    Gan-on-Gan Semiconductor Pilot Plant
    Research and Development, Late-Model Semiconductor Tools

    San Jose, CA

    SVD Avogy Disposition Project
  • Beamreach Solar

    Complete Plant Closure
    30,000 Square Foot Facility
    Crystalline Silicon based PV Panels

    Milpitas, CA

    SVD Beamreach Solar Disposition Project
  • BP Solar

    7 Complete Plant Closure Auctions
    Research and Development and Photovoltaic Solar Cell Manufacturing Facilities

    Fredericksburg, MD & Madrid, Spain

    SVD BP Solar Disposition Project
  • Brooks

    Complete Plant Closure
    Industrial Manufacturing & Facility Support

    Petaluma, CA

    SVD Brooks Disposition Project
  • Calstar

    Complete Plant Closure
    State of the Art Eco-Friendly Block Manufacturing Facility

    Racine, WI

    SVD Calstar Disposition Project
  • CardioDx

    Complete Facility Closure (40,000 Sq Ft)
    Cardiology & Research and Development Instruments

    Redwood Shores, CA

    SVD CardioDx Disposition Project
  • CardioKinetix

    Sold Facility in Aggregate
    Medical Device & ETM

    Menlo Park, CA

    SVD CardioKinetix Disposition Project
  • Cobalt Technologies

    Complete Plant Closure
    25,000 Square Foot Facility
    Biofuel Production
    Complete N-Butanol R&D Facility

    Mountain View, CA

    SVD Cobalt Technologies Disposition Project
  • Classic Party Rentals

    Four Complete Warehouse Closures c/o of Hundreds of Thousands of Square feet filled with Party Rental Assets

    Burlingame, Brisbane and Sacramento, CA

    SVD Classic Party Rentals Disposition Project
  • Doppler Labs

    Complete Facility Closure
    Research & Development, Audio Equipment, and Inventory of 12,100 Pairs of Wireless Smart Earbuds

    San Francisco, CA

    SVD Doppler Labs Disposition Project
  • Enervault

    2 Complete Plant Closures
    Energy Storage Manufacturing Facilities

    Sunnyvale, CA & Turlock, CA

    SVD Enervault Disposition Project
  • Glimmerglass

    Complete Facility Closure
    20,000 Square Foot Facility
    Optical Network Management

    Hayward, CA

    SVD Enervault Disposition Project
  • Hello

    Complete Facility Closure
    Sense Sleep Tracking Device
    Research and Development and Electronic Test & Measurement

    San Francisco, CA

    SVD Hello Disposition Project
  • Jaunt

    Complete Facility Closure
    Virtual Reality - XR Solutions Provider
    Research and Development, Information Technology, and Electronic Test and Measurement

    San Mateo, CA

    SVD Jaunt Disposition Project
  • Kaiam

    Complete Facility Closure
    Manufacturing, Research and Development, Optical Communication, and Telecommunications

    Newark, CA

    SVD Kaiam Disposition Project
  • Leyden Energy

    Complete Facility Closure
    30,000 Square Foot Facility
    Battery Manufacturing

    Fremont, CA

    SVD Leyden Energy Disposition Project
  • Maxplay

    2 Complete Facility Closures
    Gaming Company
    High-End Gaming Computers and Virtual Reality

    Austin, TX & San Francisco, CA

    SVD Maxplay Disposition Project
  • Mission Solar Energy #1

    Complete Plant Closure
    State of the Art 200 MW Solar PV Cell Manufacturing Lines (2013 & 2015)

    San Antonio, TX

    SVD Mission Solar Energy Disposition Project
  • Mission Solar Energy #2

    Late-Model Facility Support Equipment and Systems

    San Antonio, TX

    SVD Mission Solar Energy Disposition Project
  • Mode Media

    Complete Facility Closure
    20,000 Square Foot Facility
    Digital Media - High-End Information Technology and Related Assets

    Brisbane, CA

    SVD Mode Media Disposition Project
  • Novatorque

    Complete Plant Closure
    35,000 Square Foot Facility
    Machine Tools, Dynamometers Test Stations, Research and Development, Machine Tools

    Fremont, CA 

    SVD Novatorque Disposition Project
  • Nuredis

    Complete Facility Closure
    Research and Development Instruments and Lab Equipment

    Menlo Park, CA 

    SVD Nuredis Disposition Project
  • Quixey

    Complete Facility Closure
    Mobile Search Engine
    Hundreds of Apple Thunderbolt Display Monitors and Related Information Technology Equipment

    Mountain View, CA

    SVD Quixey Disposition Project
  • Reel Solar

    Complete Plant Closure
    70,000 Square Foot Facility Sold in Aggregate
    Electroplated Thin Film Solar Lines

    San José, CA

    SVD Reel Solar Disposition Project
  • Rennovia

    Complete Plant Closure
    Over 50,000 Square Foot Facility
    Bio Based Chemicals & Products
    Research and Development, and Large Scale Bio Reactors

    Santa Clara, CA

    SVD Rennovia Disposition Project
  • Rivertop Renewables

    Complete Facility Closure
    Research and Development for Progressive Chemistry

    Missuola, MT

    SVD Rivertop Renewables Disposition Project
  • Scifiniti

    Complete Facility Closure
    15,000 Square Foot Facility
    Crystalline Silicon Technology

    San Jose, CA

    SVD Scifiniti Disposition Project
  • Seeo

    Complete Plant Closure
    25,000 Square Foot Battery Manufacturing Pilot Plant
    Research and Development Instruments and Battery Testing and Manufacturing Equipment

    Hayward, CA

    SVD Semprius Disposition Project
  • Semprius

    Complete Plant Closure
    75,000 Square Foot Facility
    Photovoltaic - Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility c/o
    Semiconductor Tools, Surface Mount Technology, Research and Development

    Henderson, NC

    SVD Semprius Disposition Project
  • SolFocus

    Complete Plant Closure
    25,000 Square Foot Facility
    Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) systems

    Morgan Hill, CA

    SVD SolFocus Disposition Project
  • Sonitus Medical

    Complete Facility Closure
    17,000 Square Foot Facility
    Medical Research & Development Facility

    San Mateo, CA

    SVD Sonitus Disposition Project
  • Sun Edison

    Surplus Assets
    Standard Solar Grade Polysilicon

    Houston, TX

    SVD Sun Edison Disposition Project
  • Superwinch

    Complete Facility Closure
    25,000 Square Foot Facility c/o
    Winch Manufacturing Equipment, Machine Tools, and $10 Million of Winch Parts Inventory

    Portland, OR

    SVD Superwinch Disposition Project
  • Switch

    Complete Facility Closure
    20,000 Square Foot Facility
    LED Bulb Manufacturing Equipment

    San Jose, CA

    SVD Switch Disposition Project
  • Tabula

    Complete Facility Closure
    Information Technology - Hundreds of Servers & High-End Electronic Test and Measurement

    Santa Clara, CA

    SVD Tabula Disposition Project
  • Thermo Fisher

    Surplus Assets - Negotiated Sale
    Matrix Tune Selector & System
    Negotiated Sale

    Poway, NJ

    SVD Thermo Fisher Disposition Project
  • Thermo Fisher

    Surplus Assets
    Over 40 Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers and Facility Support Equipment

    Fremont, CA

    SVD Thermo Fisher Disposition Project
  • Thinsilicon

    Complete Plant Closure
    28,000 Square Foot Facility
    Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturer
    Research and Development and Late-Model Semiconductor Tools

    Mountain View, CA

    SVD Thinsilicon Disposition Project
  • Transform Solar

    Complete Plant Closure
    Hundreds of Thousands Square Feet
    Photovoltaic Solar Panel Research and Manufacturing Facility

    Boise, ID

    SVD Transform Solar Disposition Project
  • Twice

    Complete Facility Closure
    Online Retailer
    Video & Post Production Equipment, Information Technology, and Asset Inventory

    San Francisco, CA

    SVD Twice Disposition Project
  • Unidym

    Complete Plant Closure
    15,000 Square Foot Facility
    Custom Thin Film Manufacturing Facility
    Research and Development

    Sunnyvale, CA

    SVD Unidym Disposition Project
  • Verdezyne

    Complete Plant Closure
    2 Biotech Facilities Sold in Aggregate c/o
    Research and Development, Fermenting Equipment, and Facility Support

    Carlsbad, CA

    SVD Verdezyne Disposition Project
  • Yingli Solar

    2013 Solar Cell Manufacturing Line

    San Antonio, TX

    SVD Yingli Solar Disposition Project
  • Zazzle

    Complete Facility Closure
    70,000 Square Foot Facility
    High-End Printing Facility, Inventory Tracking System, and Facility Support

    San Jose, CA

    SVD Zazzle Disposition Project

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