Clear valuable production space, eliminate storage fees,
and turn surplus into working capital

Results - Scale

Structure, Visibility, Accountability, and Scalability all start here

All companies at some point have idle, surplus or underperforming assets that should be turned into capital. It is not uncommon for a company to store equipment or other assets to the point where the storage fees have long surpassed the secondary market value of the asset. Most companies have little knowledge of what they are storing but continue to pay monthly fees to keep something they may never need or use again.

By getting your arms around your surplus capital assets with AIM, you have the ability to quickly see what have, understand the value and monetize accordingly. Our solution offers structure, visibility and a controlled environment for reporting purposes. Take the guess work out of the process by implementing a proven solution that can be scaled throughout the entire company. One that will create recurring revenue and become an important part of your business through both growth or restructuring.

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