Silicon Valley Disposition - FAQ


  • What is a "Soft Close?"
    A soft close extends the bidding if a bid is made under a specific duration of time. Online Auctions have different times for Soft Close times, ours are typically between 5 & 10 minutes. In other words, if a bid is made with under 10 minutes remaining in the original close time, the auction (lot) will extend for another 5 to 10 minutes.
  • What is "Buyers Premium?"
    The Buyers Premium is added to the top of the bid. It is separate from tax.
  • What is a Resellers Permit?
    A Resellers Permit allows us to avoid not charge the buyer tax. The Resellers Permit must be submitted after each sale.
  • How do I register?
    You need to click the link on the Auction Details page, which will take you to the proper location to register.
  • When does the auction close?
    The auction closes when the bidding ends. Each lot has a viewable count down showing the lot closing time.
  • What if there are no bids?
    You can contact us after the event if you would like to make an offer.
  • How will I know if I won?
    You will receive an invoice listing the lots you have won.


  • How can I consign an item to be sold?
    You can consign into an auction or our marketplace by contacting an SVD representative at 650-344-3282.
  • How do I know what my assets are worth?
    An SVD representative will be happy to assist you, simply contact us at 650-344-3282. You may need to include product specifications or an SVD representative may need to visit your location to inspect the assets.

Pick Up and Shipping

  • Who is responsible for shipping?
    The buyer is responsible for all removal, including rigging, packing and shipping.
  • What do I need to pick up the assets I won?
    You will need a paid in full invoice.
  • How do I schedule a pickup?
    You can schedule a pick up by making an online appointment. It is located on the landing page of each sale. It is typically a “first come, first served” basis, but could change depending on the purchase and time requirements to remove.
  • Can you recommend a Preferred Shipper?
    Yes, we typically post Certified, Insured Riggers on the event-landing page.
  • Can someone else pick up my assets?
    Yes, if they present a paid in full invoice and a signed release form from the registered buyer.
  • Where do I get the Release Form?
    You can download it from the event landing page under documents.


  • How do I pay?
    Once you have received your invoice, you can pay by Certified Funds, Cashiers Check, Wire Transfer, Letter of Guarantee from your Bank or Cash at the time of pickup.
  • Do I need to pay tax and how much?
    Yes, unless you have a current Resellers Certificate. The tax typically is based on the sales tax rate of the jurisdiction from which the asset is sold.
  • How can I submit my Resellers Certificate?
    You can upload onto the event landing page under documents.
  • Do I need a credit card?
    Yes, you need a valid credit card to register. However, you cannot pay with a credit card as it is used solely to qualify you as a registered bidder.
  • What are the payment options?
    See question number 17.

Types of Sales

  • What is a Global Negotiated Sale (GNS)?
    GNS allows buyers to make purchases prior to the auction.
  • What is an Online Auction?
    Online Auction is an Internet bidding process only. Each lot closes in consecutive order, unless there is a Soft Close.
  • What is the Marketplace?
    Our marketplace is a storefront with asking prices. In certain situations we may ask you to contact us.
  • What is Consignment?
    We offer sellers the ability to consign assets into both our auctions and marketplace. To learn more, contact us at 650-344-3282.