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AIM (Asset Inventory Manager) is a full-service Management & Disposition solution for all types of Surplus Capital Assets

3 Steps to a Structured, Scalable Surplus Asset Disposition Program

1: Manage 2: Value 3: Monetize = Results

Get Your Arms Around Your Surplus

AIM is a systematic management tool that tracks and monitors your surplus capital assets. It is a secure solution that centralizes surplus assets for complete visibility and accountability throughout the entire disposition process.

Track and Manage Your Surplus Capital Assets with AIM


AIM provides value

As a part of AIM, we will help set your expectations by providing secondary market opinions of value; potentially allowing you to make informed decisions about when to monetize an asset.

Step 2 Value


Sell Better with Techfootin

Assets sold represent dozens of different industries and hundreds of asset classes.

Assets from AIM are consigned into Techfootin: a Bimonthly Online Auction and a "Buy It Now" solution. Techfootin is corporate America’s place to buy and sell surplus capital assets.

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Monetize Your Surplus Capital Assets with Techfootin


AIM is a scalable surplus asset management solution that creates recurring capital

Build a scalable, secure foundation for the future.

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Scale and Create Recurring Revenue