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AIM (Asset Inventory Manager) is a full-service managed solution for all types of Surplus Capital Assets

3 Steps to Implementing a Structured, Scalable Surplus Asset Disposition Program

1: Manage 2: Value 3: Monetize = Results

Manage smarter with AIM

AIM is a systematic management tool that tracks and monitors your surplus capital assets. It is a secure solution that centralizes surplus assets for complete visibility and accountability throughout the entire disposition process. Whether you're conducting a stand-alone auction or consignment into Techfootin (our marketplace), everything starts and ends with AIM.

Track and Manage Your Surplus Capital Assets with AIM


AIM provides value

As a part of AIM, we will help set your expectations by providing secondary market opinions of value; potentially allowing you to make informed decisions about when to monetize an asset.

Step 2 Value


AIM is directly tied to Techfootin

Assets from AIM are directly consigned into Techfootin: a Monthly Online Auction and a Buy It Now solution. It provides structure and an audit trail to the assets you are selling. Techfootin sales consist of assets from dozens of different industries and hundred of asset classes.

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Monetize Your Surplus Capital Assets with Techfootin


AIM is a scalable surplus asset management solution that creates recurring capital

Build a scalable, secure foundation for the future.

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Scale and Create Recurring Revenue